Artist Statement

I believe that life is photogenic and worth sharing, and that poetry is for people like me - who love stories but have short attention spans. With this in mind I set out to share the charm in the minutia of things and places. Combining both urban and wild photography with moving prose, I craft malleable, relatable experiences for anyone with a curious mind and an itch for exploration.

I believe in the power of visual arts to establish empathy, tell stories, and introduce people to new ideas. I exercise these practices in my own art. I spend my free time in museums and I work in them as well. I believe their role in society is vital. They are vessels capable of delivering us across social, geographical, and temporal boundaries. They ought to represent a fraction of the utopian vision we strive to create in our current time and place.



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I long constantly for the mountains but love the textures and sounds of cities. I love the right drink at the right moment - like old-fashioneds in winter, and gin & tonics in summer. I seek balance in all things. I thirst for life and to share it with others. I love my city but I can't help to leave it for adventures. Travel is necessary to expand your heart mind and soul - but coming home can be like finding spare change in the deepest pockets of your favorite pair of jeans.

I worked in IT for a long time. I loved it - but ten years in I ditched the steady paycheck and 8 weeks vacation to go back to school. I’m currently studying graphic design and art history while I dabble in the field of art curation.

My favorite things.

Lukas W. Robertson



Our lives are filled with acts of curation. We curate restaurants for our friends and we recommend Netflix shows to coworkers. We curate music onto playlists, recipes are selected and given to us by our families. We even curate our selves, choosing elements of fashion to project aspects of our personalities.

We share the things we love and we do so eagerly. We discover something that is beautiful, valuable to us and our instinct is to share it. We cannot forget that art curation is simply this. If museums are to survive, and thrive, this must be their corner stone. Passion is more than prestige, and patrons are everywhere. They only need to feel welcome, and to see our bounding excitement for this vivid world.




Sheets to the Wind

Sheets to the Wind is a philosophy. In nautical terms, sheets can refer to the the ropes used to secure a ship's sail. Having these sheets loose could cause the ship to rock about, drunkenly (hence the term "three sheets to the wind"). For me, Sheets to the Wind entails a way of life. It’s subjecting medium and muse to the breeze, allowing one’s self to sway. I do this simply for the purpose of going there, doing that. Sheets to the Wind is a life lived. I do my best to capture that life in my own artistic endeavors.