Postcard Poetry


I love to travel and collect old postcards that have been written on. They are snapshots of someone’s adventures, their travels, and their loved ones. In a way, postcards are like breadcrumbs that we send along our journeys. A sign that we remember where we came from and that we appreciate those that have been left behind or scattered about the map. 
Postcards are an interesting concept. An analog version of twitter, where short blurbs are written and sent out, for anyone who may happen upon them to see.

The front cover (lifeline) and most of the cutouts were designed by me in photoshop and cut out from paper to be traced onto the postcards where they would be cut again. Cutting the postcards was a difficult task for me, emotionally, as I didn’t want to destroy an intimate piece of history. It was important therefore, that no mistakes were made that could render a postcard unusable. 

On the page opposite of each postcard is an excerpt from my own writings. Both the cutouts and the writings are travel themed, and each pairing relate to each other in some way.

Lukas Robertson